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Online trading meets an app store.

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The Platform

For the first time ever, traders can choose not only the layout, but the entire feature-set of their platform. Through the Tradable AppStore, traders can pick and choose the apps they want to use for their trading, and create a truly personalized trading experience, app by app.

The App Store

Browse our App Store to find amazing trading apps that you can trust, designed specifically for Tradable by third-party developers. The deeper you look, the more you’ll realize that there’s almost no limit to what Tradable can do.


The Ecosystem

Tradable works with a world-wide community of third-party developers that extends the feature-set of the platform and continues redefine what’s possible within a trading platform by keeping the AppStore fresh with new apps.

Tradable is the first open trading platform that lets traders customize
not just the look and feel, but the entire feature-set of their trading platform, with apps developed by third-parties.

“The evolution

of online trading”

About Tradable

We Believe


Servicing banks and brokers worldwide and
changing the way a trading platform works
– at a very fundamental level.

  • 🌎

    One Size Doesn’t Fit All

    The trader should have full control over what features she uses. Retail trading is becoming a significant market,  and the demand for trading tools is increasingly diversified. 10 or 5 years ago, you could succeed with a closed trading platform that was the same for all. Not anymore.

  • Technology Should Be Open

    The trading industry – like any other industry these days – is becoming more technology focused. Even at the user level. As a result, a lot of great trading tools exist in the market today, that never see the light of day.

  • 💡

    In Empowering Innovation

    Today’s and tomorrow’s innovation is increasingly coming from smaller technology outfits around the world that have no respect for protocol or status quo. They have a niche, and they go for it. All they need is a platform to develop on top of.


Fransesc Riverola

“An important player in the retail FX industry in the years to come… Tradable… remember this name.”

Fransesc Riverolafounder & CEO of FXStreet.comForex Street
Michael Greenberg

“a disruptive platform and a unique business model which convinced the top Forex industry executives who attended the Forex Magnates Summit 2012 to grant it the Most Innovative Financial Company award.”

Michael GreenbergCEO of Forex MagnatesForex Magnates
Financial Times

“the financial world’s answer to iTunes. This “appification” of trading could be the next chapter”

Financial TimesWorld Business
Alex Knight

“The industry is looking for something new… [tradable] is going to drive innovation and help reshape the industry.”

Alex KnightGlobal Head of FX Margin Trading at Citi Bank
Steve Forbes

“like a trading version of Apple – much more friendly than what came before it”

Steve Forbes CEO of Forbes, Inc.
Jeremiah Zinn

“unique and interesting idea around how to make trading interesting and entertaining and creating an entertainment experience around it. It’s democratizing access to Wall Street – and that’s a big change.”

Jeremiah ZinnEVP Digital Products, Viacom


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